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From Start to Finish We Create Beautiful

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Prism Place has been creating beautiful acrylic awards for over 20 years with amazing results. From your design concept to finished product, our team makes Prism Place your one stop shop for acrylic awards, trophies and plaques.

The craftsmen of Prism Place are the real stars. Not only do they master the skills creating wonderful awards, they are always training and developing new skills with every new project. The skills are very demanding taking a special touch and eye to sand and polish acrylic. Knowing when to stop is the true key. Prism Place houses 6 main craftsman throughout the year. They have the opportunity to train 2-3 apprentices during the off season every year. This rotation of trainees allows Prism Place to find new talent to add to the multiple facets of their division.

Another facet of Prism Place is their Trophy Department. This takes a totally different skill set, which allows for many different trainees to experience creating an award. Assembling trophies is not just throwing pieces together, they must be assembled in a very organized way. This process is more mechanical, with just a flair of an artistic eye.

Plaques are bit more challenging, and to handle this challenge we have been blessed with a wonderful addition this year. One of our former craftsman has come back to us from the private sector and now is learning new skills in the award trade. As the skills are mastered, she will advance with her knowledge and is a great help with assisting new trainees.

For more information a short video is available here: About DRTC – Earning our own way

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