Mike assembling a trophy for Prism Place.

Mike assembling a trophy for Prism Place.

If you go on a tour of Dale Rogers Training Center, chances are likely you’ll see Mike working meticulously at Prism Place.

Mike is an expert craftsman—sanding and buffing acrylic awards.

He should know how it’s done.

Mike has been with DRTC since before Prism Place opened. He didn’t miss a beat when asked how long he has been with DRTC: 36 years! In fact, Mike was one of the first employees at the nonprofit’s first venture into becoming an entrepreneurial business in 1983.

Mike sanding in Prism Place in 2004.

Mike sanding in Prism Place in 2004.

He’s also a regular in the Prism Place showroom cleaning and dusting display products ensuring they have all the luster and beauty as when they were first finished.

Mike has taken advantage of other opportunities at DRTC. He also spends time in Vocational Services working on various contract projects.

It’s not all work for Mike, though. As you can imagine, he has made several friends during his 36 years at DRTC. He also likes our monthly Fun Fest events!

Mike looks forward to getting his paycheck and earning his own way. He was beaming with pride when he said he would pay for his mother’s birthday present with his own money. When asked if he’s excited he can pay himself, Mike emphatically said, “YEP!”

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