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In 1983 Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC) opened its own internal business, Prism Place, manufacturing beautiful custom-made acrylic awards. Through Prism Place, the agency’s Board of Directors and executive director knew they were offering an important service to the community and at the same time laying a foundation for a better life for hundreds of individuals with disabilities. Ten years into the manufacturing business, as Prism Place was growing by leaps and bounds, the Board of Directors decided to expand the product line by beginning to offer traditional wooden plaques and trophies. By 1994 Prism Place had outgrown its space. Two years later, a new building on the corner of Northwest 23rd Street and North Utah Avenue opened to provide additional space to manufacture and display the creative, high-quality products. Thirty years after sending out the first order, things have not slowed down for Prism Place. This innovative business produces some of the finest acrylic awards and gifts in the Southwest.


Prism Place not only creates the finest trophies and awards, but it also allows people with disabilities to contribute to society by earning their own way. Prism Place is one of DRTC’s many programs designed to meet the needs of 1,000 Oklahomans with disabilities each year while also providing needed services to the business community. The agency’s focus is on the abilities of individuals with disabilities. The individuals are given the training and support they need to obtain and retain high quality jobs with employee benefits. Individuals can succeed in the community, get off federal assistance, earn a good wage and become tax paying citizens – this creates a win-win situation!

Ronnie sands an acrylic award at Prism Place in the 1980s.

Prism Place, 1980s

Mike sands an acrylic award at Prism Place.

Prism Place, present day


Prism Place Awards & Trophies is a division of Dale Rogers Training Center, Inc. (DRTC). DRTC supports people with disabilities through paid vocational training, in-house programs and work opportunities, as well as competitive community employment.

Vision Statement

“People with Disabilities Having Access to Training and Employment”


The citizen who has a disability is an individual human being, deserving of opportunities for learning, for development and for contribution. Dale Rogers Training Center places the person first, focusing on their interests, skills and abilities, while always treating the individual and their family with dignity and respect.